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Thematic Panels

On Saturday we have scheduled two thematic panels of ninety minutes.

The first about healing with laughter and the second about working with laughter.

In each panel four speakers will present their work during 15 minutes each and then a debate shall open.


Meet a Speaker

If you wish to know  who will be sharing their knollege with you visit the Laughter Strars on our page


During Saturday and Sunday we have scheduled 6 thematic workshops.
Each workshop will be ninety minutes long.
There will be two time blocks containing three parallel workshops each.
We will carefully arrange these workshops so that the ones that are happening at the same time are so different you probably won’t have a hard time to chose!

Laughter Yoga Portugal full report

We will begin this conference sharing with Europe our national laughter triumph!

This will be the first time this information has ever come together. Nine years of inspiring Laughter has generated an unbeatable, gorilla laughter revolution in this country. So many people are doing so much in total anonymity. We intend to let the whole world know about our Laughter Yoga Heroes!


Portuguese Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers 

Send us your news  Testimonials, photos, movies, news clippings .


The Program
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Questions & Answers  



In case you have any doubts or questions please do not hesitate to contact us:
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phone: +351 - 239 423 338
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