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16h00 – 18h00  Registration

18h00 – 18h45  Kula, Vocal Percussion 

18h45 – 20h00  Public Laughter Session For 1000 People With Dr. Kataria.

20h00 – 20h20  Soup ( for participants in the Conference)

20h20 – 22h00  Opening Of Laughter Yoga Conference and games with Andreia Pipers



7h00 – 8h00      Laughter Meditation, Dr. Kataria

Breakfast break

9h00 – 10h00    Laughter Yoga Portugal Full Report, by all the Laughter Yoga teachers from Portugal


10h00 – 10h45  Where Is Laughter Yoga Today, Dr Kataria


11h00 – 12h30 Four Parallel Workshops

1.     Carla Moita: Inner Laughter Meditation

2.     Eveline Carvalho: Smile with the Golden Age people!

3.     Laura  ToffoloHow to start a Laughter Club and keep it going and how to get Laughter Yoga into Fairs and Public Events

4.     Lurdes Silva:Laughter and Motivation for sucsses


Lunch break



14h30 – 16h00 Laughter Yoga Healing (four speakers and open debate)

The power of healing of laughter, success stories. 



1.      Arlete Lorenço


2.      Anne Marie Kjellander 

3.      Eser Mutlu

4.      Alida van Leeuwen

5.      Javier Ruiz Gómez





16h30 – 18h00 Corporate Laughter Yoga (four speakers and open debate)

Scientific studies, companies who laugh today, how to sell to corporations.


1.      Dr. Lynn Perreault

2.      Clara Fernandes

3.      Jörg Helms

4.      Davide Giansoldati


Dinner break 




20h00 Party, presentor Andreas Piper

Portuguese folklore dance lesson with Lucas and Rafaela Apits. Talent night (bring your talent and share it with all: music, comedy, poetry, singing...) 



7h00 – 8h00      Laughter Meditation, Dr Kataria

Breakfast break

9h00 – 10h30    Four Parallel Workshops

1.     Richard Romagnoli: Laughter Workshock

2.    Davide Giansoldati: Laughter Yoga For Unleashing Your Creativity

3.    Danny Singh: Laughter Yoga and Learning   

4.    Fabrice Loizeau and Lolita Aucourt: Laughter Yoga and Learning   






11h00 – 11h30 European Laughter Network with Dr Manuela Sousa and Paulo Morais

This is a network of cooperation that sprung from the European Laughter Congress 2012 Lisbon and that strives to debate, reflect and define strategies of how to introduce Laughter, Humour and Positive Emotions, in different parts of our society: Health, Education, Corporations, Institutions, and Science.


11h30 – 13h00 Laughter Vision Quest with Laura Taffolo, Paulo Morais and Marta Pinto

This is an interactive Laughter Brainstorming about the future of Laughter Yoga. We will use the timeless ritual of the talking stick. All the visions will be written down and sent to all participants. Projects for the future will sprout from this moment and people will connect.

Lunch break

15h00 – 16h00 Laughter Session / Sharing Of New Exercises

With Piotr Bielski e Paulo Morais





16h00 – 17h00  Closing Celebration and book launching:  " I Learnt to Laugh" by Richard Romagnoli and "Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha. Living better with Laughter Yoga" by Davide Giansoldati.

Laughter Awards, Farewell with Fado (traditional Portuguese live music and singing), group hugs and dance session with live music, Norberto with bagpipes, Kula with percussion....


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